[mythtv-users] DVB card order

Andrew Congdon andrew.congdon at iplatinum.com.au
Thu Sep 21 10:16:47 UTC 2006

I suspect this is really a linuxtv.org question but here goes anyway..

How do I specify the order of my DVB cards in /etc/modprobe.conf.
I have two DVB cards served by the saa7146 module, one DVB-S and one
DVB-T. I'm using atrpms 0.20, FC5 and 2.6.17.x but myth gets confused
about which card is which since they are rarely in the same order
after a reboot (which is not often).

I'm familiar with how to do this for analogue cards:

alias char-major-81 videodev
alias char-major-81-0 cx88-dvb
alias char-major-81-1 bttv

I assume there's something similar for /dev/dvb/...
but I can't seem to find it? Then again I guess I'd have the same
problem if I happened to have two cards using the cx88-dvb module?


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