[mythtv-users] pvr-150 faded colors

George Roberts gr at gr5.org
Sun Sep 17 15:28:09 UTC 2006

I have been using mythtv for about a month now and love it.  My HDTV recording and playback is awesome.

However my PVR-150 (after many hours of experimentation) has faded colors (not enough saturation).  Colors are either too dark or 
too pastel.  I found that increasing the bitrates and using a video amplifier make the picture even less noisy (it was already 
pretty clear)(this is cable tv by the way).  But no help to the colors.  I am running the 75 ohm cable right into the PVR-150 and 
have tried this with no splitters and *with* splitters.  It doesn't make much difference and sending this signal to my vcr, rca-pvr, 
or tv looks fine.

And if I crank the "color" setting on the television it looks pretty much perfect until I switch to other TV inputs and I have to 
set the TV back to normal which I don't want to have to do.

1) Is this a problem with all PVR-150s or just mine?  (I saw another person post the same problem with a pvr-150 a few weeks ago) 
Can I fix this buy buying a pvr-250?

2) I could have sworn I saw some kind of color correction feature in Mythtv but after looking for it
for an hour I can't find it now.  Is there some way to have a recording or playback profile that increases
the color saturation?

- George Roberts

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