[mythtv-users] Fresh Install - Not Saving Upcoming Recordings

Kris Steinwender mythtv at steiney.com
Sun Sep 17 16:01:19 UTC 2006

Chris Strom wrote:
>> On 9/17/06, Kris Steinwender <mythtv at steiney.com> wrote:
>>> Chris Strom wrote:
>>>> Sounds like you forgot to tie a video source (eg zap2it) to your
>>>> tuner.  You do this in mythtv-setup with #4 Input Connections.  Choose
>>>> your tuner from the list, then make sure that Video Source field has a
>>>> value set.
>>>> -Chris
>>>> On 9/17/06, Kris Steinwender <mythtv at steiney.com> wrote:
>>>>>  Hi all,
>>>>>      Working on a fresh install of .20. Front/Backend communications work
>>>>> great, mythbackend is working like a charm - ditto for
>>>>>  DVD transcoding. Having an issue with the tuner though (PVR-250). While
>>>>> it's setup and I've got the channels fetching correctly,
>>>>>  whenever I schedule a recording, it never happens.
>>>>>      Via the web-ui, "Upcoming Recordings" is always empty. This is
>>>>> regardless of whether I set up a manual record or if I choose
>>>>>  a program through the guide.
>>>>>      In the "Backend Status", nothing is queued. For testing purposes, I
>>>>> deleted the PVR-250 and re-added it via mythtv-setup .
>>>>>  I noticed this increased the Encoder # to "Encoder 5". However, it still
>>>>> didn't solve my problem.
>>>>>      At a bit of a whits end, the card definitely works (cat /dev/video0 >
>>>>> /tmp/test.mpg) gives me a viewable file.
>>>>>      Help! :)
>>>>>  -Kris
>>> I tossed everything and have recreated it. Double checked and made sure
>>> that within #4 Input Connections
>>> that the Tuner1 is pointed to PVR-250 (the name of my video source).
>>> When watching Live TV, I can see the guide update as I change channels,
>>> so I can only assume that the
>>> relationship of Guide to Tuner works correctly.
>>> After recreating, the Encoder # incremented to 6.
>>> Toying around in the db, I could see everything I wanted to record
>>> populated within mythconverg.record. I'm
>>> guestimating this is the source of data when I click "Recording Schedules".
>>> Regardless, I'm still up the creek without a paddle.
>> What did you choose in #3 (Video sources) of mythtv-setup?  The video
>> source is not your capture card (PVR 250) - it is the source of your
>> TV listings (e.g. zap2it).  #4 of mythtv-setup connects your capture
>> card to the video source from #3.  To actually complete #4, you need
>> to choose a tuner from the list in #4 (select with arrows, then hit
>> enter).  In the dialog that is presented, there is a field labelled
>> Video Source (it is the 2nd field in that dialog, below one labelled
>> "Display Name (optional)".  The video source needs to whatever you
>> chose in step #3.
>> Hopefully you did not label your video source in step #3 "PVR 250".
>> That would be down right confusing ;-)
>> -Chris
>> _______________________________________________
Step #2: MPEG Input  (PVR-250) - Tuner 1
Step #3: Video Sources: zap2it
Step #4: (Tuner 1) is set to zap2it
Step #5: When choosing a scan, it does show the video source as 'zap2it' 
with the capture card as ' MPEG : /dev/video0 '
    ( scanning then detects the channels (so it is talking to 
/dev/video0), however it overwrites the zap2it guide :) )

The relation is there. They just don't want to talk (even if I force a 
record and don't base it on the program guide).

Thanks again -


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