[mythtv-users] Sound

Trey Thompson trey at verustech.com
Sun Sep 17 14:32:55 UTC 2006

> > Most of these questions seem like mixer issues...
> >
> > I can play sound, and I can mix it with KMix.
> >
> > I've checked the settings on KMix, and there are two "Capture" items
> > that are both enabled, and all the way up.
> >
> > I've got a PVR-500.
> >
> > Recordings have no sound though.
> >
> are you saying that you can't hear sound in mythtv? Or, if you play
> mythtv recorded file with mplayer (for example) there is no sound?

It's definitely the recording, because if I open the mpg in Windows
Media from another PC, there's no sound.

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