[mythtv-users] MythArchive help, please

Paul Harrison mythtv at dsl.pipex.com
Thu Sep 14 20:45:35 UTC 2006

Bruce Ruona wrote:
> I encountered the same last time I tried MythArchive, unfortunately I 
> was running as ROOT at the time (I KNOW!!!)
> result was a completely unusable FC 3 installation ....oh well, I had 
> been putting off the upgrade to 5 anyways ...
> I've been leary of playing with it since  :)
>     Basically, it tried to chmod my entire file system.
>     Since I told it to save the result in "/video/archive", why is it
>     trying to use root?

Ouch!! Apologies for that. It looks like a nasty bug has crept in 
somewhere. I know it was working fine because I used it to transfer 
several recording between my production box and my dev box a little 
while ago. Looks like the saveDirectory isn't being passed on to the 
script properly.

Paul H.

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