[mythtv-users] Paying one or some of the developers

Kevin O. Lepard kolepard002 at charter.net
Tue Sep 5 13:55:24 UTC 2006

>  > Bounties might work if collected ahead of time, so the money was
>  > actually already in escrow.

>I've never escrowed the  6 or 7 asterisk bounties I've paid.
>It's a small community, all you need is a public list on the wikki.
>People don't weasel out of paying that.

I'm glad that works in that community.  Small communities definitely 
have some advantages.  And certainly no honorable person would renege 
on paying a promised bounty, but sadly I am sure there are people who 
would, or who would never quite manage to get around to it, or would 
decided that it doesn't "quite" work the way they want it to for 
them, etc.

Kevin O. Lepard

Happiness is being 100% Microsoft free.

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