[mythtv-users] Paying one or some of the developers

Paul Andreassen paulx at andreassen.com.au
Sun Sep 3 06:24:29 UTC 2006

On Sun, 3 Sep 2006 01:22 pm, Greg Cockburn wrote:
> I am not a regular poster, but linger on this list.  I have a myth system
> setup at home and have for over a year.  I am very happy with myth mostly.
> At the moment, it is not as stable as I would like (though looks like these
> problems are fixed in 0.20), and I often see people asking for features. 
> As I am not the worlds greatest programmer, and spend my spare time with my
> family and working on other open source projects, I was wandering if it is
> worth while for us all who use myth to throw a few dollars each into a
> pool, and the core development team can choose to do what they like with
> it. (maybe pay one of them for 6 months or a year or something.)
> When you consider the alternatives for a PVR, they are fairly costly, and I
> suspect they are not as flexible or featureful as myth, and there are not
> many other open source projects to choose from either.
> If I could take a guess at the number of users of myth in the world, maybe
> 10,000?  and if even 50% of those say 5000 all chipped in just $10 then
> that is $50,000,  and in aussie that seems to be an "average" wage
> (depending who you ask and where you live).
> And $10 is a VERY good price to pay for such an excellent piece of
> software.
> I have done a search for paypal in this list and have found a few
> occurances, and it just seems to disappear, and I don't know whether
> anything ever really happened or not.
> This is just an idea, and please add your opinions.

Hi Greg,

Most open source projects appreciate patches because it saves them time and 
improves the code.

When people pay money they expect something in return.

Isaac has made it known that you can pay people to work on MythTV using 


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