[mythtv-users] Paying one or some of the developers

Richard Freeman r-mythtv at thefreemanclan.net
Sun Sep 3 13:56:14 UTC 2006

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Paul Andreassen wrote:
> Isaac has made it known that you can pay people to work on MythTV using 
> bounties.

Perhaps a bounty page on the wiki?  Somebody can post what they want, an
offer for how much they're willing to contribute, and some contact info?

3rd parties could get involved as well if they think they could pull it
off - they would just pre-clear their ideas with the devs so that they
don't end up involving a ton of time just to not see it committed.

Whoever plans to claim the bounty could do the financial stuff on the
side before starting (if it is $100 they would probably just code it, if
it is a 6-month project for $50k they'd probably want escrow, etc).

I imagine that many would just be "support this capture card - here's
$100".  Some card vendors might do the same but offer $1-5K - a steal
from their perspective.  No corporation gets anything done for that kind
of money.
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