[mythtv-users] LiveTV auto recording? Harddrive filling up.

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Thu Mar 9 01:32:10 UTC 2006

On 03/08/06 19:44, Mark Oliver wrote:

> While I understand that disk storage is fairly inexpensive, why not 
> offer a choice that does not cost money.  Earlier in this thread, 
> someone suggested having different options for livetv recordings, 
> where the user could choose to limit the size of livetv (thus having 
> livetv break into smaller parts which would auto expire, regardless of 
> the actual length of the program) or the user could choose to leave it 
> as is according to the programming guide.  I know that someone else 
> responded negatively, but that response was based on a 
> misunderstanding of the suggestion (thinking that the suggestion would 
> hold true for everyone, as opposed to being an individual choice).

I understood the suggestion, but I also understand that 90% of users 
don't understand all the options that currently exist (which is why such 
a great deal of my posts simply quote settings and the "live" help for 
the settings)--and many complain when an option they've changed from the 
default causes Myth to behave against their wishes (so we can't assume 
that having a default that doesn't split LiveTV will work, either).  I 
also believe Isaac has the right idea--that new settings should be 
avoided like the plague.

> I have no idea what it would take to implement such an option, or if 
> it is even possible.  That choice, though, would allow for something 
> other than one extreme (no livetv recording of material in the buffer) 
> or the other extreme (must record livetv to whatever extent the 
> programming guide dictates), and the individual user would then have 
> control over the extent of livetv (as opposed to having to accept all 
> or nothing).

See that "Esc" button on your keyboard?  Probably have a remote button 
mapped to it, too.  It will fix the issue for you, too--and without a 
new setting.  Once you press Esc, hit Enter to re-enter LiveTV and Myth 
can expire the first part of the show.

Yes, I'm pretty opinionated on this issue, but then again, no one is 
having problems with the issue, yet--which, IMHO, makes it a non-issue.  
While we could do a knee-jerk reaction now that "fixes" an issue that 
hasn't affected anyone, it's quite likely that waiting until Storage 
Groups are implemented will mean we get a better fix.


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