[mythtv-users] NFS Kernel problem

PAUL WILLIAMSON pwilliamson at mandtbank.com
Tue Jan 31 13:43:09 UTC 2006

Not specifically MythTV related but it's preventing me 
from starting MythTV.  I have all my recordings nfs 
mounted, and I have a power outage last night which 
apparently corrupted the nfs part of my Kernel.
I'm running FC3, upgraded via apt-get.  How can 
I repair this (or find the specifics of nfs that are broken) 
without rebuilding my whole system?  I'm already 
going through MythTV withdrawal, and I don't even 
have anything scheduled to record tonight!

Could I just do an apt-get dist-upgrade to get the 
nfs stuff back, while updating my system at the same time?

Oh, I'm going out htis morning to buy a UPS!


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