[mythtv-users] Can MythTV do this?

PAUL WILLIAMSON pwilliamson at mandtbank.com
Tue Jan 31 00:44:25 UTC 2006

No.  You're missing the point.  Sharing Intelectual Property (TV 
shows) no matter how you obtained them is illegal without 
express written consent from the ip owner - it could be the 
NFL or MLB, or a station like FOX or NBC, or a service like 
iTunes where it's crippled by some crap DRM.  Technically, 
I can't even show a program I've recorded to people who 
are not regular inhabitants of my house (like a neighbor or 
my in-laws) without breaking US laws.

In this case, the person who gets c-band dish service 
needs to work out redistribution rights.  Some providers 
may agree to it, others may not.  Just because a station 
can be recorded OTA for free does not give you the right to 
copy that to tape or burn to a DVD and give it to someone 


>>> mythtv at bronosky.com 01/30/06 6:24 PM >>>
So let me get this straight.  If I use my Comcast cable for only about
channels one of which is Fox.  I hear Neal Boortz say that he missed
last night, so I burn him a copy to DVD.  (With or without the
commercials.  We can argue it both ways.)  And when I mail it to him,
I've committed a crime.  If I do the same thing using a c-band dish,
is not a crime.  The difference is $0.26 per month on c-band, and $80
per month divided by 8 channels for $10 per month on Comcast.

Is that correct?  We need to pool so resources and turn MythTV into

Joseph A. Caputo wrote:
> On Monday 30 January 2006 16:03, sarvinc at fastmail.fm wrote:
>> Joseph A. Caputo wrote:>
>>>> You'd also need redistribution rights from the broadcasters,
>>>> I believe would mean that you'd need a c-band dish so you can
>>>> it out with them directly (since the cable company certainly
>>>> give it to you).
>>>> Nope, they most likley won't. Whew, yeah getting distribution
>>>> rights is going to be good. Not all that difficult from what I
>>>> understand, just expensive.
>>> I seem to recall an article posted here a year or two back about
>>> someone in Canada who had done this, and the redistribution rights
>>> were ridiculously cheap.  It just made me all the more annoyed
>>> the cable company/big content cartel.
>>> If I find the article I'll re-post it.
>>> -JAC
>> I think that's this article:
>> http://www.pbs.org/cringely/pulpit/pulpit20040930.html 
> That's it.  Here's the relevant part:
> ---------------------------- Begin quoted text ------------------
> At this point, intellectual property lawyers are supposed to start 
> reaching for their telephones to call Canada, but it won't do any
> because all this content is perfectly legal and here's how. With the

> exception of local channels, which come from an antenna, all of 
> Andrew's video content comes from a C-band (big dish) satellite 
> receiver (receivers, actually), and is fully paid for. "I buy the 
> channels just like a cable system does or a motel that wants to offer

> HBO, from the National Programming Service," says Andrew. "And as a 
> result I pay wholesale prices. People don't realize how much of a 
> markup there in is the cable business. The Discovery Networks, for 
> example, cost me $0.26 per customer per month. The IP laws in both
> U.S. and Canada say that if I have legal access to this content I can

> store and use it. And the over-the-air channels, of course, are
> ---------------------------- End quoted text ------------------
> -JAC
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