[mythtv-users] Potential IPTV additions for Myth

Raphael Pooser rpooser at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 22:36:31 UTC 2006

Robert Johnston wrote:
> On 1/26/06, Isaac Richards <ijr at case.edu> wrote:
>> On Thursday 26 January 2006 14:46, Robert Johnston wrote:
>>> On 1/26/06, Dave Bixler <dbixler at wbs-wireless.com> wrote:
>>>> An awesome idea if I must say so -- that is if I completely understand
>>>> what you're proposing :).
>>> I'm proposing that, for those people who have an IPTV television
>>> provider.
>> You're also proposing the same thing you've been proposing for quite a while
>> now.  Seems to be rather less productive than actually working on code.
> I realise that, but the extent of my C/C++ knowledge is:
> #include <iostream.h>
> void main() {
>    printf("Hello World/n");
> }
> I'm looking to see what I can do, trying to learn C and C++ so I can
> contribute more to this project, and digging up all the information
> that I can, so that someone with greater skill in development can put
> something together, rather than waiting for me to learn C (by which
> time Myth will be at version 3.93).
> I am willing to undertake this myself, if no-one else is willing. But
> for those who would like (Or need) this functionality, I'd recommend
> they don't hold their breath.
> So, on a related note, does anyone have any good C/C++ training
> materials, and any kind of reference for the Myth codebase?
> Thanks in Advance.
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> Robert "Anaerin" Johnston
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Good C book by Dietel called _C, How to Program_ (hey that's kind of a 
pun).  But get the second edition.  The third and fourth and who knows 
where they are now maybe fifth, are not as good.  As for the second 
edition I couldn't put it down when I got it.  This book is written for 
an undergrad start to C and general programming principles.  Basically, 
if they weren't teaching Pascal back when I was in undergrad, this book 
would have been used for "Programming in C, 101" or what have you (well, 
it is used now).  Also, when you're done it'll introduce C++ for you in 
the last quarter to third of the book.  This was a good place to start 
for me.  The type of coding I do is all theoretical modeling and the 
type of optimization that goes with that type of coding.  Making mythtv 
plugins is a whole different business I guess.  This is just to say, 
that's what I do, and I started C in that book.  The book itself has no 
inclinations one way or the other though, so afterwards you can do what 
you want.  Beyond that I can't help because I have no clue what kind of 
work goes into mythtv code - I have not scrutinized the code of all 
parts very closely.  Even the code for the drivers for my ati remote 
sort of confuses me.  But you have to start somewhere and first you need 
to know how to code, so I reccommend that book.  Oh, the publisher is 
Prentice Hall.

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