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Ronald Kohsman ronald.kohsman at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 18:43:57 UTC 2006

I am not getting to next screen...just acts as if I am clicking it...nothing


On 1/25/06, James C. Dastrup <jc at dastrup.com> wrote:
> >Ronald Kohsman wrote:
> >> I keep clicking on the rip dvd and nothing happens. I'm not sure where
> >> the log file is or where to look for the error.
> >>
> >> I looked in the /var/log/mythtv
> >>
> >> nothing
> >>
> Are you getting the initial prompt to Start the MythTranscoding daemon
> (mtd)?
> If this appears, you should hit a number to start it. Or you may start it
> manually. It may be helpful to start it manually, from a terminal window,
> so
> you can see much easier what is going on.
> Be sure you start mtd under the same user account as mythfrontend! If you
> sudo mythfrontend, then be sure to sudo mtd as well.
> Once mtd is running, you should be able to hit 0, and the contents of your
> DVD will appear.  Once you have select at least one title to process, hit
> 0
> again.
> At this point, if you get nothing, or it returns to the main screen, the
> mtd
> has it's own log file that it keeps.  'mtd.log' is found in the directory
> you specify in setup for the location of the video temp directory.
> Hope something here helps,
> James
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