[mythtv-users] Modeline Help on Fujistu Plasma

Ben Suffolk ben at vanilla.net
Tue Jan 24 09:28:29 UTC 2006

> Hey All,
> i've been stuffing around with this for some time and i canot get a  
> good
> working modeline to work with my fuji Plasma. i've tried everything  
> from
> 852x480 (screen size according to the manual) to 1360x768. best i  
> can get
> is overscanned picturte on the 1360x768, and when i bring up the  
> menu I
> get a flicker, it's worse with a 1280x720 setting.
> Can anyone help me. I've been scanning for ages and cannot find  
> much that
> helps.
> setup:
> Nvidia Fx5200 (via DVI),
> 2 x DVICO fusion lites and
> P42VHA20A Fuji Plasma (this is SD hey??)
> cheers for ANY help...can anyone point me to the help for modeline  
> settings??

I struggled for ages to figure out the right modeline to use for my  
new LCD TV (1366x1024). Anyway I  eventually found out that X11 ships  
with a utility called gtf, and it worked out my modeline perfectly  
for me first time, just run :-

gtf x y refresh

So gtf 852 480 60 I would think would be good for you, but you may  
need a different refresh rate, check the manual :-

   # 848x480 @ 60.00 Hz (GTF) hsync: 29.82 kHz; pclk: 31.49 MHz
   Modeline "848x480_60.00"  31.49  848 864 952 1056  480 481 484  
497  -HSync +Vsync

You will see its rounded down to 848 x 480, thats because 852 is not  
divisible by 8 (which the nvidia drivers require)



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