[mythtv-users] Possible to "fix" data from zap2it?

Mike Angstadt daenris at gmail.com
Fri Jan 20 22:01:22 UTC 2006

> I have temporarily fixed it by putting a "-1" in the "record early" field,
> but I
> was wondering if we could add a global feature that "fixes" such data from
> zap2it -
> a "round to the nearest hour" (or round to the nearest half-hour for 31
> min
> shows)?

There's a problem with this logic in that, rarely, shows do in fact go
longer.  There have been several episodes of Lost and similar shows that go
for anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes past the hour, and it's not just a case of
running over, they're actually displayed that way in time listings, and one
week Lost was actually advertised as being a special "extended version."  So
you could still fix the starting times, except that you would need the 'fix'
to determine whether it's an hour or half hour show.  What if it's 15 or 45
minutes?  (again, not the norm certainly, but there are definitely 15/45 min
timeslots, as well as other unusual slots, and it gets even worse if you
want to include any premium cable channels like HBO, which routinuely start
at pretty much any time they want.)

Not trying to shoot the idea down, but it's certainly not a trivial problem.

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