[mythtv-users] SBLive!, Surround Sound Speakers, single volume control?

Howard P Holden howardholden at speakeasy.net
Fri Jan 20 19:21:45 UTC 2006

I have an SBLive 5.1 and Altec-Lansing GT-5051 speakers.

If I try to control the volume of myhth music or mythtv or while  
playing a dvd, only one set of speakers -- the rear or Surround, I  
think -- is affected. The same is true if I use mplayer or aplay from  
the command line.
Experimenting with alsamixer suggests that the PCM slider only  
controls the "Wave Surround" output.

I've been all over the archives, alsa.org, alsa.opensrc.org and  
mythtv.info, and tried to understand .asoundrc. There's lots of stuff  
about outputting to S/Pdif and AC3 passthrough that turns my brain to  
alphabet soup.

It seems that if I set my volumes in alsamixer, myth, alsa and  
mplayer are all smart enough to play whatever media I ask in the  
appropriate format. I just want to be able to turn the volume up/down  
with a single slider (remote) or mute with a single button. I can do  
that when I play music with "Music Player", which came with KDE. How  
do I do it with alsa?


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