[mythtv-users] Conventional Wisdom Watch

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Wed Jan 18 22:36:23 UTC 2006

On Jan 18, 2006, at 2:39 PM, Yeechang Lee wrote:

> Michael Haan <michael.haan at gmail.com> says:
>> Ok, so I'm not sure what the consensus is.  My distro is FC4,  
>> kernel is
>> 2.6.14 from ATrpms.  My main partition is ext3 everything else is on
>> ReiserFS/RAID device.  So, is the suggestion for me to rebuild my  
>> kernel, or
>> remake the RAID FS using XFS or JFS, or some combination of the two?
> Conventional Wisdom Watch (with apologies to Newsweek)
> Rebuild kernel	    <>	  Good: Old 8K stack option restores  
> stability to
> 			  multiple filesystem layers. Bad: You'd
> 			  better know how to manually roll your own
> 			  kernel or at the least edit and rebuild
> 			  source RPMs.
> ReiserFS	    V	  Many people swear by it, but many others
> 			  swear at it, especially when dealing with
> 			  gigabyte-sized files of the kind MythTV
> 			  produces. Why take the chance?
> XFS		    ^     Balanced read/write performance. But
> 			  is it true that the kernel maintainers
> 			  dislike it?
> JFS                 ^	  Back by full faith and credit of one of the
> 			  largest IT companies on Earth. Writes not quite
> 			  as good as reads, though.
> Ext3                <>	  Reliable, rock-solid, battle-proven, and no
> 			  hours-lonk fsck. But slow, slow, slow, slow.
> LVM2		    ^	  Flexibility makes extending or modifying
> 			  partitions easy. But be prepared for the
> 			  performance hit.

Good summary.

Remember, though, that the PC Jr., Microchannel Architecture and OS/2  
were also "backed by the full faith and credit of one of the largest..."

Having said that, I run JFS on a software RAID0 and have no problems  
at all.

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