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Adam Propeck adam at propeck.com
Mon Jan 16 14:58:41 UTC 2006

I'm using 100MB/S I believe, is this an issue? I've got an Audigy 2
installed and am using that as the Firewire port with my STB. I have not had
any issues at al with Channel changing via firewire. -AJP

On 1/16/06, Steve Adeff <adeffs at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Saturday 14 January 2006 20:23, Big Wave Dave wrote:
> > Did you ever come up with any conclusions or suggestions on an
> > "optimal" configuration? Perhaps a recommended FireWire chipset?
> >
> > Dave
> As far as I can tell, the Via firewire chipsets are very hit or miss. some
> people have had luck with them, some (like me) have had nothing but
> trouble
> with them. If I was to recommend, I'd say get a Texas Instruments, Lucent,
> or Agere(sp?) chipset. I have an NEC on the board I ended up getting,
> which
> so far has been great, so if you've got one, you should be ok. I've also
> talked to a couple folks with Sound Blaster Audigy's that have had
> excellent
> results using the sound cards firewire, I think they may use TI or Lucent
> chips on their boards.
> I found that those who compiled their firewire library's seem to do better
> than those that used precompiled packages. Though this may be coincidence,
> so
> if your distribution has the required library's as packages, try them
> before
> compiling your own.
> But, I did spend some time analyzing how my setup worked and had an idea,
> and
> I talked to a couple dev's about it. One suggested I try something before
> trying my idea. Apparently a few months back this came up on the list and
> an
> idea came up....
> What he suggested was to set the firewire cable box to use broadcast in
> mythtv-setup, even if p2p is the only settings that "sticks" when using
> plugctl. (so get the port and node right, set it to broadcast, 400MB/S).
> First, if you have any automated scripts to run plugctl to change
> settings,
> disable them, we don't want to change the "natural" state of the firewire
> bus
> for this experiement.
> So, shut down the mythbox, unplug the cable box power, and then turn on
> the
> mythbox followed by the cable box. This should reset the firewire bus at
> both
> ends. I did this last thursday but have been gone all weekend. From the
> point
> I did it till I left I never missed a recording, data streamed every time.
> But I got some missed channel changes. I need to check now to see how it
> did
> over the weekend.
> Give this a try. Let me know if you notice any change in the bahviour of
> your
> setup.
> --
> Steve
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