[mythtv-users] DVB Tuning

Rob djrobx at djrobx.com
Mon Jan 16 03:56:13 UTC 2006

What version of Myth are you using?


If you are using 0.18.1, I highly suggest compiling the SVN version, even if
for no other reason than to scan for channels (although in my experience,
0.19 deals so with HDTV far better).  The SVN version automatically
populates the channel database with valid QAM256 channels it finds while
scanning (you will need to watch them, figure out what they are, and rename
them manually to sync them up with guide data).  The 0.18.1 version will
populate the dvb_transport database, but will not return any channels
because cable usually lacks PSIP data. 



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I have installed MythTV and everything appears to work well when using the
standard v4l drivers with my PCHDTV 3000 card.  When I scan for channels
using the DVB drivers and the QAM256 option, I see that some of the channels
lock but when I try to view, I get nothing.


I'm in Atlanta with Comcast cable and I'm scanning directly through the
cable ... no cable box in the mix.  I've tried a few different variations to
no avail.  I've even downloaded the dvb-apps from linuxtv and tried to do it
manually with even worse results.


Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.




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