[mythtv-users] Internal player stability issues with PVR-350

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Mon Jan 16 01:34:10 UTC 2006

Jason Surprise wrote:
> I'm new to mythtv.  I re-used an older system with the addition of a 
> PVR-350.  It has worked pretty flawlessly, and I'm very impressed with 
> the quality of the software.
> Since I have a PVR-350 with mpeg2 hardware decoding, I've been trying to 
> convert my VHS tapes to mpeg2 files to use the Internal player to make 
> use of the hardware decoder.  On another system, I use my DV camera to 
> capture VHS, then I use transcode to transcode to 352x480 mpeg2.  When I 
> play it in mythvideo using the Internal player, it more or less plays 
> fine, but occasionally will lock up the system, particularly when doing 
> rew/ff.  I see the following msgs in syslog:
> ...
Why not record from the VHS tapes with your PVR-350?  It produces MPEG-2 
that it happily plays back...
> Since I haven't had one issue with playback of myth recorded mpeg2, I am 
> wondering if there is a special resolution/bitrate/etc that I need to 
> follow in order for the internal player to work on misc mpeg2 video?  Or 
> is this something I need to ask the ivtv developers as well?
That would be a more appropriate place than the Myth list.  ;)


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