[mythtv-users] mythfrontend laptop linux distro???

Gavin Haslett gavin at nodecaf.net
Sun Jan 15 23:00:16 UTC 2006

I've got two laptops that run Fedora 4 and Knoppix. By far the better of
the two on the frontend duties is the Knoppix box... but that's a more
powerful machine.
My Fedora laptop is actually only a PIII-class CPU (500Mhz), but with a
nice trim config (XFCE instead of one of the heavy WM's) the performance
is more than acceptable. Runs Myth playback pretty well for SD, but for
HD I wouldn't even attempt it.
Depends a lot on what kind of stuff you're going to do with it. I use my
laptop primarily for "Office-type" applications; Email, Web, word
processing etc... I only really use Myth on my laptops for editing video
(creating cutlists, not cutting video).


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I need some opinions here please.
I'd like to install a linux distro on my laptop for daily usage and for
a mythfrontend. Question is what is the best suitable distro for my
laptop. I tried suse in the past, but I hate all those "missing
dependencies" with installing rpms. Gentoo is great (my backend is
running on it), but the emerging of kde errored after compiling of a
complete day!!! So not an option for me anymore. Knoppmyth is more for a
cd frontend and not appropiate for my dual booted laptop I think.
How's fedora nowadays..... is it the same story as with the dependencies
of suse?
Some experiences are welcome
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