[mythtv-users] programs that are scheduled a minute early/run a minute late

Niels Dybdahl Niels at Dybdahl.dk
Sun Jan 15 16:33:10 UTC 2006

> It seems that the networks (most likely in an effort to thwart us
> time-shifting, commercial-skipping "content thieves") are scheduling
> programs to start and/or end a minute early/late.  For example, on 1/26
> at 9:59PM, ER is scheduled to air.  It will only be recorded of course
> if there is not something scheduled in the 9-10 timeslot.
> This can be dealt with easily enough (manually) simply by scheduling the
> 9-10 program to stop recording a minute early.  It's a pain to have to
> watch the scheduled programs list for this kind of situation however.
> What about a feature in mythtv to always end a recording early if a
> conflict overlap is within some allowed time?  So I could set mine to 1
> minute and if the scheduler ever sees a time overlap of a minute or
> less, it will schedule the preceding program a minute early.
> I suppose one could/should also be able to choose to start the
> subsequent program late, allowing the previous program to complete.  Or
> maybe even split the difference.  Whatever.  I just know that having to
> do this manually is less than optimal.

I would definitely prefer to have the following program start one minute
later. I would rather miss the start of a program than the end.
Unfortunately I do not have the time to implement such a feature...

Niels Dybdahl
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