[mythtv-users] Live TV recording as if it was a scheduled

Dag Nygren dag at newtech.fi
Sat Jan 14 22:34:11 UTC 2006

> I think the information you are looking for is already there
> in the "AutoExpire List" section on the status page.  If you
> cursor right when on "AutoExpire List", you'll see detailed information
> at the top of the page which includes the total number of recordings
> that can be expired as well as the disk space they are consuming.
> I calculate the total number of LiveTV recordings and their disk
> space in the code but evidently forgot to display it, so I just
> committed that change to SVN.
> > Yes, that is not the problem. Telling in advance how much it will
> > expire is.
> So, this is already visible from the status page and if you update
> to SVN HEAD, you can see how much of that used space is taken up by
> LiveTV recordings.


this update will solve my problem, at least partially ;-)

I still have to get this done through my ssh connection to the box,
but as I was also looking into the problem here I alrady figured out 
that the SQL command to use is:

select sum(filesize) from recorded WHERE hostname IN ("<LIST OF TVBOXNAMES>") 
AND recgroup="LiveTV";

(Does that look right?)

Just have to write a script which sutracts this value from the df output
I guess.

But thanks a lot Chris for helping out /understanding the problem/arguing 
about this!
Restores my faith in the Open Source community....


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