[mythtv-users] Chaintech AV 710 sound problems

Brian Foddy bfoddy at visi.com
Sat Jan 14 05:20:14 UTC 2006

I received a new AV710 today in my quest to get digital
audio from myth.  However, before I attempt digital audio,
I'm trying to simply use analog output, and I'm having
problems with no sound after pausing or fast-forwarding
the video.

I'm using a Mandriva 2005 system, running PVR150/250
cards.  Kernel is  The old sound device is deactivated.

I found some of the same symptoms in this thread
And setting the Multi Rate Locking either off or locking to 48000
fixes the tone quality, but doesn't do anything for the FF problems.

I had to use Aggressive Sound buffering to get anything.  With it,
it starts playing pvr files fine, but a pause or FF will stop.
After a few seconds I see streams of 
"Audio buffer overflow, audio data lost"

This seems to be a rather popular card, so its probably something
rather simple.  But not many like errors in the forums.

I'm running a development snapshot from Dec 18, 2005 of mythtv.

Any ideas?

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