[mythtv-users] Software RAID problems - the unspoken mythtvproblem?

James C. Dastrup jc at dastrup.com
Tue Jan 10 02:49:22 UTC 2006

>Just another datapoint - I've been using a software raid setup for 12
>months now with no issues with mythtv.  My raid arrays are in a
>seperate machine from my dedicated backend and two frontends, they are
>all networked over gigibit ethernet using NFS.  I've recorded 4
>streams from PVR250s before while watching another stream without a
>problem.  I am using ext3 filesystem on my arrays and the file server
>is a Duron 1Ghz machine.  I have 9 drives connected to several $20
>Promise IDE cards.  Server is currently running Debian Sarge using
>mdadm tools.
Most of the complaints I see around software raid come from people
with HD tuners.

I've been using software RAID for a few weeks and I'm seeing the same
problems others are.  I have two HD tuners and one PVR150
with a 100mbit remote storage of 4 IDE drives in RAID 5.  The PVR 150
recordings are fine, but HD streams are not so great, especially
if I have auto-commercial detection running or anything else going
on while recording. I wonder if you had an HD tuner if any problems
would creep up.


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