[mythtv-users] liveTV using 100% CPU

Marcel Janssen korgull at home.nl
Sun Jan 8 18:02:57 UTC 2006

Hello Brian,

> Are you perchance using an nVidia card with the nVidia drivers? I
> have the same CPU usage problem and I've read that the latest nVidia
> binary drivers cause this problem. Of course, trying to regress back
> to an older driver results in a "won't build" problem here on a
> Gentoo system, but I am still working on it.

In that case I think that the problem is within mythTV itself because other 
applications (liek xine) that use XV have no issues.
Anyway, I will try to start an older kernel and older nvidia drivers just to 
see if that works. If so, I'll simply stick to that for now.


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