[mythtv-users] Tidying up old recording schedules

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Fri Jan 6 23:14:41 UTC 2006

Dave Ansell wrote:

>     I tend to use MythWeb to do most of my scheduling for convenience.
>     One thing I notice is that "old" schedule settings, ie "once" type 
> schedules which have already been recorded, hang around for ever 
> unless deleted.    Not a problem from a frontend because you never see 
> them, but they clutter up the "Recording Schedules" screen on MythWeb 
> for no real reason.
>     One-by-one manual deletion is a pain.  Really they could be 
> automatically deleted as soon as the program in question has finished 
> recording as they are no longer of any relevance.
>      Could anyone advise if a script of some sort is available (or 
> possible) to automatically delete old once-off recording schedule items?

This used to happen for a while because MythWeb was updated to support 
changes to certain recording types quite some time after the recording 
types were changed in MythTV.  Therefore, this has been fixed in SVN and 
you shouldn't see the problem anymore with 0.19.  The rules will be 
deleted automatically for you.

(You didn't say which version of Myth you're using, but I would guess 
post-0.18, but not current SVN...)


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