[mythtv-users] Re: Re: Re: Playback colors wrong, looks like blue filter

Ian Butler icbu at deakin.edu.au
Tue Jan 3 10:02:55 UTC 2006

 >What video driver are you using with mplayer? You can specify one with 
 >option, the usual choices are xv and x11. I suspect that you use xv with
 >mplayer and myth, and something is off with xv controls (xv has controls
 >which let you ajust gamma per channel and other settings). Totem probably
 >uses x11 or sdl, something other than xv.

 >Try "mplayer -vo help" and then try different options for -vo from the 
 >see which ones show blue shift.


Thanks for the info. Doing this revealed something interesting:

If I startup the machine and then launch:
mplayer -vo xv /home/icbu/Desktop/comedy.avi

and the colors are fine. If I then run:


and watch live Tv (colors wrong), then exit and run:

 mplayer -vo xv /home/icbu/Desktop/comedy.avi

The colors are wrong.

x11 however works both before and afterwards (colors are fine):

mplayer -vo x11 /home/icbu/Desktop/comedy.avi

Any ideas?


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