[mythtv-users] fc4.ppc, Mac Mini and MythTV

Matt Hannan matthannan1 at cox.net
Mon Jan 2 20:25:45 UTC 2006

Brad DerManouelian wrote:
> On Jan 2, 2006, at 2:31 PM, Matt Hannan wrote:
>> My setup has the Mini in the living room.
>> I am trying to get it to the point where I do not have to leave  Myth 
>> in order to listen to music.
>> There currently is, to the best of my knowledge, no plugin for  music 
>> in MythTV for OSX.
>> This is one of the reasons why I loaded FC4, so I can get full  
>> MythTV support.
>> I have been using MythTV since the early days, but always on x86  
>> hardware.
>> The last time I had MythTV-x86 running in the living room,  MythMusic 
>> was the most used plugin.
>> I have no doubt that this will be any different now.
>> I am trying to get the living room friendly Mini to play nice with  
>> MythTV.
>> This is the machines primary function.
>> Matt
> Still not sure what you meant by "[iTunes]... will not let me do what  
> I want it  to do."
> That aside, my solution would have been to get MythMusic working  
> under OS X. :) I don't think people have ventured into making this  
> work because most people would rather just run iTunes - that's why I  
> never bothered, anyway.
> I agree that the mini makes a VERY nice (small, quiet, stylish, nice  
> price point) machine to sit in your living room.
> Now onto the hopefully helpful part:
> Do you have /dev/adsp? If so, try that as your audio device instead  
> of /dev/dsp for MythMusic.

The goal is a dedicated MythTV system running in the living room.
That being said, MythMusic should be along for the ride, ie: auto boot 
into MythTV and just run from there.

iTunes has MANY down sides. I no longer have it running even on my 
Windows systems, and, obviously, my Mac is now a Penguin.
I do not feel I can support any software that insists on telling me how 
I can handle my data files, mp3s included. I should be the ultimate 
master of how my systems run, not the other way around.
I was running iTunes off of an NFS share, but I want the WHOLE MythTV 
experience. Playing music meant exiting Myth and launching iTunes.
No Music support.
My OS X finally went buggy, so I loaded FC4 hoping for media center 
Maybe it isn't there yet.

Basically, this is not a massive issue, but rather a configuration question.
MythMusic issues static, WatchTV blows up, Watch Recordings does the 
same. Pretty much the core three things I love MythTV for!

Let's stay on topic, folks. This is not an iTunes issue, but rather a 
MythTV one.

I will look into that /dev/adsp, but I do not seem to have that as an 
option in mythsetup or frontend utilities. Are you successfully running 
MythTV on a Mac?

Am I really the only one running MythTV on a Mac Mini? It seems from the 
Google searches that I would be a late-comer.

Again, Happy New Year to all and thanks for the replies.


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