[mythtv-users] FC4, x86_64, 2.6.15 and a working SPDIF soundcard

Michael Haan michael.haan at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 06:00:16 UTC 2006

This may be my third strike, but I hope not.  I've got an amd64 chip, so I'm
trying to run FC4 x86_64 and myth 0.19.  All is good, except sound doesn't
work - it dies.  My nforce mobo has an onboard intel8x0, but for the life of
me I can't get the SPDIF out to work.  So I threw a Turtle Beach Riviera in
and the SPDIF worked out of the box in myth 0.18.1 by specifying
ALSA:digital.  But, with 2.6.15/myth 0.19 I get all sorts of kernel errors
trying to watch live tv/recordings.  So I tried to upgrade to 1.0.11 (which
is bleeding edge) with no luck.  So, barring an atrpms release of this
version, I'm now left finding a new sound card which works with myth 0.19 on
2.6.15 x86_64 using optical spdif.  So, who's got one?
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