[mythtv-users] Prebuffering pause on Frontend playing back HD

Chris Dos chris at chrisdos.com
Sun Dec 31 15:29:50 UTC 2006

> You might want to use top or the like to see what's eating up all  
> that CPU, also check your X logs to see if anything didn't initialize  
> correctly.
> Also use hdparm or even bonnie to make sure your disk system is  
> performing up to par. I'd want to make sure I could play a local file  
> before trying it over a network.

The mythfrontend process is consuming 100% of the CPU, while the xorg process is
only consuming about 12%.  This used to be about 40% and 35% respectively a
month or more ago.

This is happening on my combo backend/frontend that has disks local to it, and
to the dedicated frontend.  The only difference is, that the combo system has
two cores at 2.2 ghz, which was just enough for me not to notice.  The frontend
 has a 2.0 ghz dual core.  That 200 mhz is just enough to make it work right now
with current SVN.


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