[mythtv-users] Prebuffering pause on Frontend playing back HD

Chris Dos chris at chrisdos.com
Sun Dec 31 03:04:22 UTC 2006

> Chris Dos wrote:
>> Processor usage on the Frontend during playback is around 40%.  Output from top:
>> 23932 mythtv    15   0  470m 359m 122m S  109 40.8   6:17.23 mythfrontend
>> 21978 root      16   0  350m 341m 108m R   14 38.7   1:10.29 Xorg
> Obviously I can't see straight.  The CPU is using a LOT more processor then it
> should.  I've been used to seeing only around 40% on the backend in the family
> room.  Maybe the extra 200 mhz on the backed was enough for it to play back HD
> that I didn't notice that there was a problem.  So I think something has changed
> in SVN that is requiring a lot more cpu usage that what it was using.  I'll
> upgrade to current SVN and see what happens.

Well, I upgraded to current SVN, 12356, and the problem still persists.  I'm
running kernel 2.6.19, and using the Nvidia 9629 on the backend and 9746 on the
frontend.  The backend needs about 85% cpu to play back HD, and that extra 200
mhz is making enough difference that it's playing back HD.  I didn't notice
there was a problem.  Maybe the upgrade to 2.6.19 caused the issues.  I'm
running that kernel on both boxes.  I was reading the thread that John Sturgeon
started regarding his prebuffering issues, and I think that all of this is related.

I haven't changed my X configuration on my backend for at least 6 months, as
it's been working fine.  I'm using the same X configuration for the frontend.
The boxes are connected to Samsung 720p DLP TV's using nvidia graphics cards.


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