[mythtv-users] Upcoming Recordings issue after upgrade

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Sat Dec 30 03:58:16 UTC 2006

Rob Dege wrote:
> Hello all.
> Today, I upgraded my mythbox from mythtv-0.19 to mythtv-0.20.  The
> upgrade appeared to go smooth, and I experienced no errors from
> mythbackend of mythfrontend after the upgrade.  Upon inspection, I
> discovered that the upcoming recordings section (on both mythweb and
> mythfrontend) is now displaying show listings that were not there
> before the upgrade.  Here's a photo to help illustrate the
> problem (  Here are some of the symptoms:
> 1) The show has an original airdate of 1969-12-31

Meaningless. It means there is no original airdate info and
it probably shouldn't show anything.

> 2) The show listed does not coincide with the TV listings.  For
> example, Boston Legal is listed for Friday at 10pm.  However, the TV
> Listings section does not show BostonLegal on at that time or channel.

Yep, that's precisely what it is trying to tell you.

> 3) The show is not scheduled to record, it's just listed as a possible
> activation.

Or deletion =). go the the setting and change it from record
weekly to don't record this program.

> 4) Under mythfrontend in the upcoming recording section, the show is
> listed with a "Not Listed" tag on it.

Exactly as you discovered. It's telling you that you asked
to record Psych each Friday on USA but that ain't gonna happen
'cause there is no Psych on a Friday at 10:01 on USA.

Remove any of these defunct rules that you have now and in
the future these "Not Listed" will serve as a warning that a
show was canceled or the timeslot was changed by the station.

Ironically, Psych was part of the best example when this was
added. New episodes of Monk had been Fri at 10 for several years.
Before last season started, they showed reruns for several months.
This is okay because "Monk" still appeared at 10 each Fri. When
the new season started, there were were new episodes but now
Psych was at 10. This Not Listed status says 'Monk can't record
at 10 on Friday because it isn't in the TV listings at that time
so you better check it out'. Of course, there were new episodes
but they were on at 9.

> My biggest concern is what to do if this problem doesn't go away, or

Not a problem, a feature...

> if myth starts to record shows that no don't coincide with the TV
> listings.

It's telling you it's not going to record. It can't record.

--  bjm

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