[mythtv-users] Upcoming Recordings issue after upgrade

Rob Dege livemotion at gmail.com
Sat Dec 30 22:13:35 UTC 2006

Bruce, thank you for the prompt reply.  I went back, and checked
through my recording schedule.  I saw I had three sessions of Boston
Legal, and 1 session of Psych.  Indeed, Psych was scheduled for 10pm
on Fridays.  As for Boston Legal, I had 2 to record weekly on Tuesday
(different times), another one to check for the show everyday.  I was
going to query you about why it only showed up on the Friday listing,
and not for everyday, but I know have more important matters to attend

I was fiddling with myth-setup last night.  Between that and
rebooting, I've lost all of my Upcoming recordings.  Thankfully, my TV
listings and recorded programs are still there.

One problem at a time I suppose.  /sigh


On 12/29/06, Bruce Markey <bjm at lvcm.com> wrote:
> Rob Dege wrote:
> > Hello all.
> >
> > Today, I upgraded my mythbox from mythtv-0.19 to mythtv-0.20.  The
> > upgrade appeared to go smooth, and I experienced no errors from
> > mythbackend of mythfrontend after the upgrade.  Upon inspection, I
> > discovered that the upcoming recordings section (on both mythweb and
> > mythfrontend) is now displaying show listings that were not there
> > before the upgrade.  Here's a photo to help illustrate the
> > problem (  Here are some of the symptoms:
> >
> > 1) The show has an original airdate of 1969-12-31
> Meaningless. It means there is no original airdate info and
> it probably shouldn't show anything.
> > 2) The show listed does not coincide with the TV listings.  For
> > example, Boston Legal is listed for Friday at 10pm.  However, the TV
> > Listings section does not show BostonLegal on at that time or channel.
> Yep, that's precisely what it is trying to tell you.
> > 3) The show is not scheduled to record, it's just listed as a possible
> > activation.
> Or deletion =). go the the setting and change it from record
> weekly to don't record this program.
> > 4) Under mythfrontend in the upcoming recording section, the show is
> > listed with a "Not Listed" tag on it.
> Exactly as you discovered. It's telling you that you asked
> to record Psych each Friday on USA but that ain't gonna happen
> 'cause there is no Psych on a Friday at 10:01 on USA.
> Remove any of these defunct rules that you have now and in
> the future these "Not Listed" will serve as a warning that a
> show was canceled or the timeslot was changed by the station.
> Ironically, Psych was part of the best example when this was
> added. New episodes of Monk had been Fri at 10 for several years.
> Before last season started, they showed reruns for several months.
> This is okay because "Monk" still appeared at 10 each Fri. When
> the new season started, there were were new episodes but now
> Psych was at 10. This Not Listed status says 'Monk can't record
> at 10 on Friday because it isn't in the TV listings at that time
> so you better check it out'. Of course, there were new episodes
> but they were on at 9.
> > My biggest concern is what to do if this problem doesn't go away, or
> Not a problem, a feature...
> > if myth starts to record shows that no don't coincide with the TV
> > listings.
> It's telling you it's not going to record. It can't record.
> --  bjm
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