[mythtv-users] Slave backend for commercial flagging

Mark Chang mark.chang at gmail.com
Thu Dec 28 18:52:32 UTC 2006

I've searched for a bit, and I didn't find anything (even though I
know it is out there)....

I have a spare fast box that I want to use for commercial flagging. My
main Myth box is a combined FE/BE system and has all the recordings. I
understand that I need to set up a slave backend on the spare box and
basically just run mythjobqueue to get it to do work for me.

My question is: do I have to mount the videos on the slave BE from the
master BE for this to work? I didn't find that information anywhere.

Second, I'd like the master FE/BE to be available for flagging like
from 2am-10am... I am assuming that it will just get in the queue when
it is ready.


Mark L. Chang

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