[mythtv-users] How to detect whether backend is recording or scheduled?

Leighton Brough brough at baremetalsoft.com
Sat Dec 30 06:50:24 UTC 2006

Matthew Wire wrote:
>> I would like to run a command that sets the wakeup time for the next
>>> scheduled recording and shuts down if a recording is not currently
>>> taking place.
>> Have you looked at MythWelcome / MythShutdown?  Unless I misunderstand,
>> it does what you want.
> Unfortunately not.  That's what I thought it did as well.
> I currently use MythWelcome but then you must wait for the backend to
> shutdown after an idle timeout.
> MythShutdown allows you to set a wakeup time on the command line but
> cannot retrieve the time of the next scheduled recording or detect
> whether the backend is currently recording.
> I think what I may have to do is try and write some code for
> mythshutdown to query the backend for the scheduled wakeup time and
> recording status.  I was hoping there would be an easier way though!
I'm curious as to why you want to do this. It is because you want to 
suspend when idle without stopping and restarting the backend? Or is 
there another reason? There might be another way to achieve what you want.


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