[mythtv-users] Offset video?

Rich West Rich.West at wesmo.com
Thu Dec 28 17:05:05 UTC 2006

Rich West wrote:
> I moved my test frontend down to our main television since our DirecTivo
> is out of commission pending a hard drive replacement.  Now, I know I
> posted about this earlier (and someone responded), but I cannot seem to
> find the response I got in order to test things out.
> The situation is this:
> When viewing LiveTV, a Recorded Program, or a Video, there is a black
> bar at the left side of the screen and at the top of the screen.
> When going through the menus, all of the menus display properly, filling
> the screen from edge to edge.
> I noticed this problem when it was plugged in (via S-Video) to our 27
> inch CRT, but, since I was just testing the unit, it wasn't all that
> high on the list of things to debug.  Now that I was forced to move this
> in to "production", this got bumped up higher on my list.
> I'm not sure where to even start in order to debug this.  I know it
> isn't the TV since this problem followed the system from one TV to another.
> -Rich

I should follow up that I am using an nVidia 6200..

Oh, wait.. maybe in the nvidia settings app.  I just adjusted the
"Overscan" from the default of "13" to "15" which seems to have helped
with the display of the video.


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