[mythtv-users] Issues

Stroller linux.luser at myrealbox.com
Thu Dec 28 04:24:23 UTC 2006

On 27 Dec 2006, at 13:22, Christian Güdel wrote:
> ...
> - Secondly, I have a problem with mythvideo: I can watch the first  
> 5 to
> 15 minutes of a movie (all DVD's, stored on the backend as ISO files)
> but then it suddenly stops with the message "Error reading from block
> device" on the console. It works on other frontends (I have one on my
> laptop and my main workstation).

I was sure that someone else posted in the last two weeks with  
problems playing DVD .isos, but I'm knackered if I can find it.

> - The third issue is not so important but I'd like to know how I can
> have sticky keys on the remote. I want it to behave like a "normal"
> remote control: If you press the Left Button and hold it down, it goes
> left and left and left and left... Mine behaves like this: I press  
> Left
> and it goes left once, even if I keep the button down...

This was posted a few days ago - maybe it'll point you in the right  


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