[mythtv-users] Issues

Christian Güdel me at blaue0.net
Wed Dec 27 13:22:41 UTC 2006


I had some time to configure my first FE/BE configuration. My backend is
a AMD Athlon64 3200+, 1 GB RAM, 6x 200 GB storage and a PVR-500 (PAL).
The backend is running in 32bit mode. The frontend is an AMD AthlonXP
1800+ with 512 MB RAM and a 256 MB CF card in a CF to IDE adapter.

Everything seemed to work great but now I discovered some serious

- First of all, if I enter the Live TV mode everything is working. If I
go into the EPG the system hangs. It hangs before it has drawn the whole
EPG on the screen, it draws about 50pixels from the top and then it
crashs, I cannot switch to console. It responds to ping but that's all,
no SSH not anything.

- Secondly, I have a problem with mythvideo: I can watch the first 5 to
15 minutes of a movie (all DVD's, stored on the backend as ISO files)
but then it suddenly stops with the message "Error reading from block
device" on the console. It works on other frontends (I have one on my
laptop and my main workstation).

- The third issue is not so important but I'd like to know how I can
have sticky keys on the remote. I want it to behave like a "normal"
remote control: If you press the Left Button and hold it down, it goes
left and left and left and left... Mine behaves like this: I press Left
and it goes left once, even if I keep the button down...

// Christian

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