[mythtv-users] nvidia 6200tc tearing and high xorg cpu usage seemingly fixed

Glenn Harris gharris+list+mythtv at eklo.com
Thu Dec 28 03:03:13 UTC 2006

On 12/22/06, Mark Chang <mark.chang at gmail.com> wrote:
> I then added "UseEvents" "True" To my xorg.conf, turned on vertical
> sync for xv in nvidia-settings, and voila, low xorg CPU usage, no
> tearing, and just a beautiful, rock-steady HD picture with Bob
> deinterlace on. mythfrontend now consumes between 40-70% CPU when
> playing back HD streams, depending on bitrate and complexity.

Wow.  My fx-55 has been struggling with hd video for a couple of
months now.  I had been considering throwing a dual-core at it, but
with this little 'fix' my cpu usage is down to 45% when watching 720p.

Thanks for the tip!


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