[mythtv-users] Ubuntu

Bill Williamson bill at bbqninja.com
Tue Dec 26 23:26:59 UTC 2006

On 12/25/06, stan <stanb at panix.com> wrote:
> I installed the mythfrontend debs on one of the workstaions (Kubuntu
> 6.10). When it tried to connect to my backend (which was a KnoppMyth
> machine from about a year agao) I got the dreaded :upgrading Schema
> messages. Even doing an upgrade to the latest KnoppMyth (R5D1)
> has not repaired all of the problems, so I don't see any alternative
> to wiping the dikss, and starting over :-( Goodbye about ayears
> worth of save shows :-(

Some things to remember, and why this happened:

1. KnoppMyth is NOT on .20 yet
2. Ubuntu 6.10 is on myth .20
3. The frontends talk directly to the DB, and thus will run the same
schema upgrades that the backend will.
3a. Schema upgrades are not "dreaded", they are a sign that you have
installed a new version and things are working perfectly.
4. You CANNOT run mixed versions of myth, nor is there a supported
downgrade path
5. ALWAYS backup your myth DB before upgrades.  I do so once a week,
sunday nights at 12pm.  It'll only be a few KB gzipped.

I'm running a full Ubuntu 6.10 system with 1 dedicated backend and two

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