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stan stanb at panix.com
Wed Dec 27 03:40:32 UTC 2006

On Wed, Dec 27, 2006 at 10:26:59AM +1100, Bill Williamson wrote:
> On 12/25/06, stan <stanb at panix.com> wrote:
> > I installed the mythfrontend debs on one of the workstaions (Kubuntu
> > 6.10). When it tried to connect to my backend (which was a KnoppMyth
> > machine from about a year agao) I got the dreaded :upgrading Schema
> > messages. Even doing an upgrade to the latest KnoppMyth (R5D1)
> > has not repaired all of the problems, so I don't see any alternative
> > to wiping the dikss, and starting over :-( Goodbye about ayears
> > worth of save shows :-(
> Some things to remember, and why this happened:
> 1. KnoppMyth is NOT on .20 yet

OK, fair enough.

> 2. Ubuntu 6.10 is on myth .20

That is a good thing, right?

> 3. The frontends talk directly to the DB, and thus will run the same
> schema upgrades that the backend will.
> 3a. Schema upgrades are not "dreaded", they are a sign that you have
> installed a new version and things are working perfectly.

I _strognly_ disagree with this. IMHO the backend is the master of data,
Simply conecting a newer frontend should NEVER make (perhaps incompatible)
changes in the underlying database structure. This is a basic design issue.
The only alternative, is to garuntee that a datavase chage will NEVER
result in an icompatibilty with existing front ends (perhaps running on the
backend). This seems an impossible garuntee to me.

> 4. You CANNOT run mixed versions of myth, nor is there a supported
> downgrade path

Fair enough. In that case the newer front end should bail out without
making _ANY_ changes!

> 5. ALWAYS backup your myth DB before upgrades.  I do so once a week,
> sunday nights at 12pm.  It'll only be a few KB gzipped.

Well, this is good advice. However I am not aware of any other software,
where simply tyring to have the wrong version of a client conect to a
server, that will damage teh system.
> I'm running a full Ubuntu 6.10 system with 1 dedicated backend and two
> frontends.

Looks like I will be soon too. I'm transfering my ~ 0,5T of existing
recrdings to a different machine, and I'll rebuild the backend with Ubuntu

Thanks for the words of wisdom.

Unix is very simple, but it takes a genius to understand the simplicity.
(Dennis Ritchie)

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