[mythtv-users] Remote controls compatible w/ iMON Soundgraph

Stroller linux.luser at myrealbox.com
Sun Dec 24 17:32:03 UTC 2006

On 24 Dec 2006, at 12:36, James Buckley wrote:
> On 24/12/06, Stroller <linux.luser at myrealbox.com> wrote:
>>> ...
>>> I have a Silverstone case with one of these VFDs, and I haven't
>>> tried to
>>> learn the codes to my "universal remote" (pocketpc w/nevo software)
>>> but I
>>> did have absolutely no success trying to get the VFD/IR unit to
>>> record/listen to any other remote (tivo, xbox360, etc).
>> That's a real pain. I've fairly got my heart set on a Silverstone
>> case (with VFD) and had hoped to use the remote from my Apple MacBook
>> with it.
>> Is it common for IR units to respond only to their own remotes? I'd
>> have thought that all IR remotes used the same "range of  
>> frequencies".
> OK, I've been here before...
> First of all, I bought a Silverstone LC-11M case. the iMon 'PAD'
> remote that came with it sucked. ... to replace it I went out
> and bought an 'X-Box 360 Universal Media Remote', which was perfect
> for what I needed. ...
> I eventually went through every remote in the house, all
> with the same problem (the codes received from a button press were
> never the same, basically just random jargon). After posting on
> venky's forums, I was told that the iMon receiver would only work with
> an iMon remote.


What a pain! Thank you, though, for clarifying this for me.

> With no chance of getting the iMon receiver to work with anything
> other than the iMon remote, I decided to build a serial IR receiver
> (design: http://www.lirc.org/receivers.html)

I may do something similar.

The problem with a serial connection is that - I think? - they are  
only available on the outside of most cases.

Considering the cluttered state of my flat it is surely vain (as in  
"useless";) of me to be bothered about the untidiness of an  
additional extra box for the IR receiver, but one appeal of the  
Silverstone cases is that this is built-in. I see links on the  
lirc.org site to USB-based IR projects, such as usbirboy - it should  
be possible to connect such a receiver to the m/b's front-panel  
header pins and mount it in place inside the case.

> Don't quote my on this, but I think the receiver (which is USB) from
> the Microsoft Media Center Remote kit (like this one:
> http://www.ebuyer.com/UK/product/77109), works with many remotes,
> however you might want to check that out first.

Thanks. I'll do some homework before committing myself but likewise I  
might end up taking one of these apart, likewise to mount it inside  
the case.


PS: is anyone else using the Apple remote with MythTV?
I find the buttons on conventional remotes very crowded; they're easy  
enough to use, and I guess the advantage (if not the whole point;) of  
Myth is that one needs only one remote control for all applications,  
so one will not find one juggling controllers in the old manner of  
external VHS, DVD & set-top boxes, but I rather like the idea of the  
Apple remotes' simplicity. Am I being unduly idealistic?

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