[mythtv-users] Moving the location where my videos are stored...

Udo van den Heuvel udovdh at xs4all.nl
Wed Dec 20 19:30:35 UTC 2006

R. G. Newbury wrote:
>> So the new path is used but MythTV is doing strange stuff to the
>> filenames  (using them as path?).
>> Is this a bug?
>> Is this user error?
>> Please help!
> I was talking about 2 distinct things: moving your recorded tv programs, 
> and moving your videos. 'RecordFilePrefix' is the place where your 
> record tv programs are stored.
> And the procedure to move your record tv programs is *IN THE DOCUMENTATION*.
> You might want to take the trailing '/' off your changed 
> 'RecordFilePrefix' value as there is a '//' in the output.

The old path ended in a slash: /mnt/store/ and worked without the double
slash. Now the paths are funny.

> IF and ONLY IF you want to live dangerously, after backing up the 
> database again (you did do that?) you might want to try running 
> myth.rebuilddatabase.pl against the new mount point partition, and see 
> what happens....Please report your result.
> (Please note: this is your final examination and is worth 100% of your 
> mark for the term.)

So there is (after a few days) still no definitive howto about changing
this RecordFilePrefix for 0.21.something?
In the tables we have filenames without paths and just a stagegroup
MytHTV does funny stuff with filenames as pathnames if we change the
path from  /mnt/store/ to /MythTV/. (one less slass, yes)
Why does this happen?
Why can't I just change the prefix since it is the only mention?
What is the procedure and why does it work?
Please explain to an interested user.


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