[mythtv-users] Moving the location where my videos are stored...

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Thu Dec 21 21:53:03 UTC 2006

> So there is (after a few days) still no definitive howto about changing
> this RecordFilePrefix for 0.21.something?
> In the tables we have filenames without paths and just a stagegroup
> reference.
> MytHTV does funny stuff with filenames as pathnames if we change the
> path from  /mnt/store/ to /MythTV/. (one less slass, yes)
> Why does this happen?
> Why can't I just change the prefix since it is the only mention?
> What is the procedure and why does it work?
> Please explain to an interested user.

I am not an expert on this. But as I understand it, from reading this 
list and the dev list, files are recorded, BY NAME ONLY. Where they are 
recorded is a folder pointed to by RecordFilePrefix which is in the 
settings table.
If and only if you are running a SVN version after 12151, 
RecordFilePrefix becomes a descriptor for a group for folders. It 
becomes 'Default' by default, and the default group of folders is stored 
in the storagegroup field... I haven't looked at that so I don't know 
how the different groups are dealt with.
I do NOT know that the setup is as simple as this.
But it is clear that just changing the path could ONLY work if the files 
themselves were also moved to the new folder, and that that folder also 
A test would be to create 2 folders /mnt/test1 and /mnt/test2 and copy 2 
existing recorded programs from /mnt/store to each of those, but not the 
same programs. If you then changed the StorageGroup (or 
RecordFilePrefix) reference from /mnt/store to /mnt/test1 you should see 
only the 2 programs you copied to there... all others should be listed 
in the Media Library but announced as 'non-existent' when you look for 
them. and similarly for the other folder, where the 2 in test1 will 
become non-existent in test2..along with all of the other programs still 
in /mnt/store. But I would suggest backing up your database before 
trying this...YMMV

The bottom line is that the folders have to exist, and the files have to 
exist in the folder to be listed. It's an active process. Which is why 
the StorageGroups change is even possible.


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