[mythtv-users] Learning remote - sending new codes?

Joe Votour joevph at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 15 22:21:22 UTC 2006

> Hi all,
> I tried searching for this, but got no answers that seems relevant...
> I got a Harmony 550 remote today, and it seems pretty good, but with the
> LCD I'd like to have a bunch of jumppoints or hotkeys bound to the
> custom buttons. (Jump to videos, Edit mode,  Setup / General, Restart
> frontend, etc)
> I have a JetEye serial transmitter I was wondering with the learning
> function if I could send any arbitrary code, whether it's on the
> Hauppauge remote or not.  If I edited the conf file and plugged in a new
> hex code (i.e. "F5  0x00000000000017A1"), should that theoretically
> work? (it's not right now - am I doing something wrong, or will it only
> ever accept the codes on the remote?  Could it be a bad IR transmitter?)
> Alternatively, if someone with an IR keyboard sent me a conf file with
> all the keyboard keys mapped out, could I send those and learn it with
> my 550?  Could I pick up those codes with the Hauppauge IR eye?  Could
> someone send me a conf file like that for me to test?  I'd REALLY
> appreciate it.
> Thanks for considering this!

I'm a little confused on what you're doing, but it depends on your IR

If you're using the Hauppauge receiver, then you need to be aware that it
will only receive RC-5 codes, and apparently, only a small subset of them.
 It will most likely not work with your keyboard.  The Hauppauge remote
does not use all of the available RC-5 codes that the sensor will receive
- many people use universal remote controls with extra RC-5 codes
programmed in, and make new keys out of them.

Other IR receivers, like the irman, or some learning remotes, will receive
any valid IR signal, and would work with your keyboard.

-- Joe

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