[mythtv-users] Newbie Questions

dat220 at tappin.ca dat220 at tappin.ca
Fri Dec 15 20:35:39 UTC 2006

> I have shaw in Saskatoon (you didn't mention where you're from) and I get
> most channels over firewire with the DCT6200.  When I had a free preview
> of the movie channel earlier this year, I recorded several movies in HD
> from the 6200.  They have since put 5C=1 on a couple of the digital
> channels, so I don't know if the movie channel is still available over
> firewire.

How exactly does that work?  So the MythTV backbend just pulls the feed
form the box?  Can you use the Shaw box and record at the same time?

> Can I have two tuners and record 2 shows at the same time?
> Sort of.  I have the aforementioned 6200 hooked up via firewire.
> Apparently some people have troubles with having more than one box hooked
> up via firewire, which would limit you to one tuner for digital channels
> (and HD)  I've never tried it, because I've only got the one box.
> I also have a PVR250 hooked up to the analog cable, so in effect, I have
> two tuners on all the analog channels (which are also available over
> firewire in Saskatoon)

That's the set-up I pictured.  A secondary Analog would do me fine.

> Quiet is the key - if you can build a box that's satisfactory for having
> next to your TV, and also big enough to do all the backend and frontend
> stuff, go for it.  I have a combined backend/frontend hooked up to a
> digital projector in my "home theatre" but also a frontend in the
> livingroom, the frontend installed on my laptop, and on my desktop
> computer (intel mac mini)  Having multiple frontends is really simple to
> do, but lots of folks have a single combined frontend/backend.

That's my first thought... I would just trick out a quite high end system
in a nice case and put it next to my TV.  I guess I would need to if I
have a Digital tuner connected via firewire.  I do not think I can justify
a second 'dumb' digital tuner (although Shaw has a $100 offered now).

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