[mythtv-users] Best Epia choice?

Brett Kosinski fancypantalons at gmail.com
Fri Dec 15 15:20:14 UTC 2006

> Another issue is that EN still requires an add-on board for
> DVI/component output (needed for HD?) where the EX will have these at
> the backplate. EX is still very new and driver support will be
> incomplete I guess?

Well, first off, be aware that at least EN12000EG can only accelerate MPEG2
up to a framesize of 1024x1024, thanks to limitations in the chipset (which
is a VM800).  So *that* particular board can't do HD, anyway (as for as I'm
aware).   .

As for DVI daughtercards, again, you'd need to check the mailing list to see
what the driver supports.  The cards are definitely supported on some
chipsets, but I'm not sure exactly which.

As I don't have real HD sources yet (no broadcasts, no blueray or hddvd
> rips) I guess the EN will just be the speedup of the SP? (800 -> 1200
> Mhz). HD content is still rare here so I guess EX can wait...

Yeah, I opted for the EN because I wanted the extra horsepower for decoding
MPEG4 (my CPU hits about 75% decoding MPEG4 at NTSC resolutions) and running
things like emulators.

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