[mythtv-users] Moving through "Watch Recordings" slow?

greg at nodecam.com greg at nodecam.com
Thu Dec 14 14:39:37 UTC 2006

>> Are you doing preview thumbnails or a preview video?  I used to get this
>> pause when the thumbnail generation was having troubles due to file
>> permissions.
>> It also drags if it hits a zero byte recording, which I get when IVTV/my
>> PVR250 go nuts every now and then.
> Greg,
> does it perform poorly when moving through all recordings, or only when it
> hits
> the bad one?
> Mine is slow at all times.

When I had the permission problem, it was slow all the time.  Since that
was resolved, it's only bad on zero byte recordings - and once I scroll
past them, it's back to normal speed.

> Manage Recordings -> Program Finder
> There is about a 1 second delay here moving up/down the alphabet, maybe
> that
> is normal. Its not possible to old your finger on the up/down arrow to
> scroll through them
> without it getting confused and you end up going past the letter you
> want to move to.

That one tends to be slow for me simply because I don't have enough RAM in
my frontend, so it has to swap in/out all the time.  I use an XBox for a
frontend though, so your problem may be completely different.  It
certainly was slower when I was on satellite, due to having so many more
channels (and showings) than I do now on cable.  I'd kill for a 1 second
response on that menu ;)


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