[mythtv-users] Pressing record whilst watching live tv - bug?

Ben Lancaster lists at benlancaster.co.uk
Wed Dec 13 01:04:33 UTC 2006


I think I've found a bug/undesired feature:

On my dual-tuner system (running the latest mythtv from atrpms), when  
"Avoid conflicts between live TV and scheduled shows" is checked, if  
you press "record" whilst watching a Live TV show, MythTV "saves" the  
part of the show you've already watched, but then begins recording  
the rest of the show on the second tuner, thus creating two  
recordings of the show you were watching (one from the point you  
started watching to the point you hit record, and the other from the  
point you hit record to the end of the show) AND causing an undesired  
pause in your viewing while MythTV switches to the second tuner to  
resume playing the live show.

While I can see how this is (sort of) expected, wouldn't it make more  
sense to carry on recording on the same tuner, and then switch tuners  
if/when you choose to change live tv channels while the recording is  
still going on? That way, if/when you change channels, the recording  
carries on in the background on the original tuner, and you can start  
watching a simultaneous show on another tuner.

Just my 1p!


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